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Ali Bostancı Construction, which was founded in 1984 with the motto of Bursa's Housing Factory, had made thousands of families home with the vision projects it has realized since its establishment. Mostly Osmangazi (Hamitler), including Nilüfer, Mudanya and Yıldırım housing projects, Ali Bostanci Construction, uses the first-class materials, as well as the comfort of the family with promises a safe life.

First performed in Turkey, Turkish Büro-Sen and the Turkish Education-Sen have signed the cooperation with TOKI (he Housing Development Administration)-style housing projects. The price range is in the TOKI range and our quality is no different from our luxury apartments.

ALi Bostanci Cons.Co

While we serve with the same superior expertise and deep-rooted experience in different areas of the construction sector, we believe that every new project we have completed adds new values ​​to our corporate know-how, which aims to improve life and improve our lives.

We welcome the new targets of the future with confidence by serving with the aim of customer satisfaction at the highest level is joining us as an indispensable part of this chain of values

ALi Bostanci Cons.Co

By trusting our most important value which are the productivity and supportance of our employee;

  • Providing training opportunities for our employee
  • Ensuring their conscious participation in the system,
  • Aiming to reach contemporary quality values ​​and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all levels of our production,
  • Considering changing and developing customer expectations,
  • Competitiveness of product quality,
  • Adopting efficiency and profitability,
  • Where we work and where we live in ethical values ​​and adherence to laws

We will continue our work as an institution.

Since 1984

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